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    Abstract - Issue May 2019, 40 (3)                                     Back

nstantaneous and historical temperature effects on a-pinene

Intergeneric grafting for enhanced growth, yield and nutrient acquisition in greenhouse cucumber during winter


Paper received: 09.05.2018??????? ?????????????? Revised received: 29.10.2018? ??????????????? ?Re-revised received: 05.01.2019??????? ?????????????????????? Accepted: 08.01.2019



Authors Info

P. Kumar*, P.S. Khapte,

A. Saxena, A. Singh,

N.R. Panwar and P. Kumar?    


Division of Integrated Farming System, ICAR-Central Arid Zone Research Institute, Jodhpur-342 003, India



*Corresponding Author Email :






Aim: The objective of the present study was to evaluate the performance (based on growth, yield, quality, and nutrient acquisition) of commercial greenhouse cucumber (Cucumis sativus) grafted onto different locally available species as rootstocks during winter.    


Methodology: The performance of cucumber cv. Infinity as scion was tested onto selected genotypes of three species of genus Cucurbita (pumpkin, squash and figleaf gourd), one each of Lagenaria (bottle gourd) and Cucumis (muskmelon) used as rootstocks. Plant growth, fruit yield and quality characteristics, and nutrient acquisition efficiency of rootstocks studied under prevailing sub-optimal temperatures during winter inside unheated greenhouse.


Results: The highest fruit yield was obtained in intergeneric cucumber grafting onto figleaf gourd followed by bottle gourd rootstocks, with increase in total yield of 30 and 10%, respectively over non-grafted cucumber. Fruit dry matter content in muskmelon grafted plants and titratable acidity in figleaf gourd and muskmelon grafted plants were also increased.???? ???????


Interpretation: The improved performance of cucumber onto the cucurbit rootstocks, especially figleaf gourd was related to the increased root dry mass, root/shoot ratio and rootstock-stem thickness. This was also associated with the enhanced leaf nutrient status provided by vigorous root system of figleaf gourd rootstock under prevailing sub-optimal temperature.


Key words: Cucumber, Greenhouse, Sub-optimal temperature, Rootstock




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